It’s an Ancient Greek word that means the right, critical, or opportune moment. The ancient Greeks had two words for time: chronos and kairos. The former refers to sequential time, while the latter signifies a proper time for action.

PA eh? I knew that was utter bullshit. Like your name 😂



You were my best friend.  And then you ripped my heart out and walked away. Destroying my heart in my process.  How you could just walk away after everything we shared is beyond me.  You were callous and ice cold to me.  You would have been kinder to an absolute stranger than you were to me that fateful day.

I’ll never see your face.  I’ll never watch the light dance in your eyes as I walk up to you and find you staring back at me, with a smile on your face. I’ll never feel your hand hold mine.  Or hear your laugh.  Or share hours in bed with you fulfilling each other’s fantasies.  Writing to one another- engaging each other’s minds.

I’ll never love anyone like you.



Go stand on your island
Where you are all alone
Not seeing hearts broken
Or hearing wails or moans

Go stand on your island
Wrapped up in your fears
Knowing love is lost
And now covered in tears

Go stand on your island
Where you are safe and sound
Identity protected
Self-made walls abound

Go stand on your island
Where you only see what you see
Perspective is skewed
No consideration of longevity

Go stand on your island
With true identity masked
Hiding from consequences
That will always haunt you and last

Go stand on your island
Continue to pray
As the memories play out
During night and during day

Go stand on your island
You have nothing to fear
No skin in the game
Fake love fake mirrors

Go stand on your island
And stare out from the shore
Watching the tides changing
Drowning in sorrow forever more

Go stand on your island
Free from true vulnerability
No real hope
For growth and complexity

Go stand on your island
And watch the sun slowly set
Hearing my voice cry
I can’t believe we never met