In October of last year, I developed strange symptoms that resulted in me receiving a very rare diagnosis.  I won’t lie and say everyday I was some chipper person because of it. But I definitely chose to look at my life and make the most of what I still could do.  So I threw myself into work and for the past nine months, it’s been work, work, work.  And it was just what I needed to do because it truly reinvigorated my passion for design.  And nothing beats seeing your vision come to fruition.  Plus, who wants to sit around all day thinking they are sick.  I know I didn’t…

And then a strange thing happened about 5-6 weeks ago.  My incredibly rare symptom? Well, it suddenly stopped.  I didn’t notice at first, because I’ve been so focused on work.  But around 2 weeks into the change, it dawned on me that I felt normal.  Completely.  And that the incredibly rare symptom was no longer there.

I happened to run into one of my doctors around this time and he asked if I wanted repeat blood work pulled.  So I said yes.  He knows I monitor my numbers more than my doctors do.  He’s cool like that and we have an understanding that I am not your average patient.  He knows I am doing everything holistically to better my health.

Two weeks later, I got the results. And every single antigen has dropped to the lowest levels ever.  According to that blood work,  I’m 100% healthy.  I can’t believe I am actually going to type out these words but…

REMISSION friends!!!!

…it’s a beautiful thing.