I wrote this on May 26, 2014 but never sent it to CEO for some reason.  We wrote to each other every single day back then. Not sure why I didn’t send this, but I stumbled upon it today.  Moments like these still happen- Reminders!  They are always popping up- even still.  Reading this over again, it’s almost like it never really happened.  It feels so far away and yet not, if that makes sense.   

This use to happen quite a lot after we first met. I would be busy with something. And out of the blue, a memory of you would flash into my mind almost like a photo being taken. It just happened right now, as I was getting ready to go to sleep and turn off my iPad.

It went off like a flash in my mind and made my heart skip several beats. And I found myself half-smiling and half-gasping for air at the same time. I was suddenly back in SF, in our hotel room. It was early morning. White crisp sheets surrounded us. And you turned over to face my back, placing your fore fingers around my panties and pulling them off with such desire. No words were said, other than hearing the vibrations of your breathe against the back of my neck. I remember it now, only I am watching it unfold from above…like a movie. It’s always like a movie for me….

I remember how great it was to wake up like that. To let you take me over and over during our time there. It was raw. It was passionate. Exciting and memorable. It took my breathe away like it did just now, remembering you…your touch…your hands…all over my body as I moaned and panted through every single passionate thrust inside of me.

Every inch of you…every inch of me…together again in our own little world. Holding me down…then kissing me…my neck…then grabbing my ass so tight as you fucked me till every every last drop of cum came out. Turning me over, now face to face, you said, “Kate….you captivate me.”  You didn’t need to say those words, although it made my heart smile. I felt it too.

You took my breathe away that morning. And gave me such butterflies that it felt like I had a lump stuck at the top of my throat. Just seeing the picture again in my head…..white sheets, black silk thong being pulled off….me and you. A rush of excitement pulses through my chest similar to the feelings you get when your dropping from a roller coaster.

And just like that, it stops. The picture fades. And I am back in my bedroom getting ready to turn off the light. I don’t want to say goodbye to that memory so I try to fall asleep as fast as I can, so I can see you again in my dreams. And keep reliving the sweet memories over and over again.


15 thoughts on “Fade

      1. I’m good. Insanely busy designing a remodel. Finally coming up for air- but still loads to complete. My health is stable. But one of my kids had a serious accident. It’s been a rough 5 weeks- but we have gotten through the hardest parts. How about you? How are things on your end?

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      2. Oh no, sorry to hear about your kid. Hope everything’s ok. Glad to hear your health is good. All is well here. Kids growing like weeds, awaiting a trip to Italy in June, looking forward to summer. Busy as always. Just livin’ the dream. 😃😃


      3. Yep. Florence, with two longer layovers in Amsterdam. For my wife’s best friends wedding. She’s marrying an Italian and has already moved there. Really looking forward to this trip, and future trips too. And this one coincides with our anniversary too, so should be a great trip. 😊

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      4. I absolutely loved Florence. You guys will have a wonderful time there. So much beauty, art and architecture. It’s a very special city to me. And the food is amazing too! Are you planning on visiting anywhere else?

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      5. We’ve looked into a day trip to the coast, Pisa, maybe even Venice. We have rental car arranged, so we’ll either drive or take a train. The apartment we rented is only a couple blocks from the Duomo. I’m really just looking forward to walking the city with my camera. Not sure how much free time we’ll have with the wedding stuff my wife will have to take part in, but were there for 8 days, so hopefully we’ll get to do a lot of exploring. Any tips?

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      6. Ha! My room overlooked the Duomo- literally!! Amazing yet super loud when it chimed. Make sure you visit the Uffizi- to see Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. Also, check out the Gates of Paradise in the Bapistry- amazing bronze work on the doors. Overall, there is so much to see in Florence. You will have a blast wandering around. Sculptures and people a plenty :-))) Pisa was just meh- once you see the tower, that’s about it. Venice was a giant maze of dead ends streets. So I got frustrated with the lay of the land there. But it was cool wandering the little shops filled with masks and other various treasures. For sure cross it off your bucket list. If I go back to Italy, I will be heading to Cinque Terre.

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      7. Thanks for the tips! I’m not really turned on by Pisa either, but we’ve discussed it. I’ve heard the exact same thing about Venice too. May be worth a quick trip down by train just to see it though. I’m as excited about Amsterdam as I am Italy though. Just won’t have copious time to explore there. We do have an overnight layover there on way home though.

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  1. Memories and feelings are what make us live. Especially the good ones, even if they were bad in retrospect, try telling that to our hearts.
    Loved this, K.

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