CEO took me to a beautiful hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean during the early lust-filled days of our affair. I remember pulling up to the resort feeling so special as he held my hand in the car. As he drove through the windy roads, traversing through the canyons, the peek-a-boo views of the Pacific ocean glistened in my eyes. As his sportscar purred along the asphalt, I stared at the eroding sandstone cliffs daydreaming.

“Here, this is for you” he said, as he pulled a card out of the middle compartment.

I smiled.

Couldn’t help it.

This millennial was blowing me away. That…was unexpected. Looking back, I can honestly say these little gestures were reminiscent of any early courtship – the kind you see in a normal dating situation.

In that moment, I felt special. Cherished. Appreciated. And damn right sexy as my ecru silk blouse billowed in the salty breeze.

It was a Valentine’s Day card.

His words were those of a smitten man. I blushed. Hard. Then paused for an extremely long time, trying to figure out how I should respond. And honestly, it left me speechless (something that’s a rarity for me). I didn’t know where this relationship was going but I certainly set the expectation in my head that this was sex only.

But CEO kept progressing our pace and moved things forward, like a normal dating relationship where two people are falling for one another. It confused me…but deep down, I loved it. He was so different to my husband, calm with an assertive alpha male way of handling life. It was refreshing. Very, very refreshing.

The valet took his BMW and we walked into the resort looking like a married couple. He went to check in before telling me to head down below. I found us the most perfect table, perched above the cliffs. The glass French doors were open to the Pacific Ocean and it was a stunning view, for a Tuesday morning. Golden sand. Shades of teal and blue. The sound of pounding surf below. He arrived moments later, smiling. Relaxed.

We ordered Mimosa’s and a fruit platter, then talked about his start-up. I remember him making a point of saying, “In my everyday life, I am a man of integrity.  I want you to know that.” I think he was trying to convey that he really was a good guy. My gut sussed that out long ago. But obviously, we were two cheating hearts in that moment, so you can debate the merits of that yourself.

The conversation flowed as always. He would occasionally reach over and hold my hand. It was really sweet. These little gestures had long left my marriage. I had forgotten how lovely it felt to be pursued. And he did so in spades. Had it been anyone else, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. But it was him…CEO. And I had a huge soft spot for him that was growing exponentially every week. His sheepish grin melted my heart. Those big brown eyes stared straight into my soul and we had a magnetic connection from day one.

That was three years ago. Seems like yesterday sometimes. Especially when I sit down to write and reminisce.

I have only been back to this city twice now. Each time, barely within the town border. I’ve avoided this city for a long,  long time because the memories shared with CEO were perfect here. I’ve been reluctant to ever return, and especially to drive past the resort. Not sure why, other than its quite the distance for me to travel to.

But today, that all changed. I drove past the resort while I took my kids on an outing further afield. It was strange driving past the sign. Almost surreal. My heart didn’t race or anything. Had I visited years ago, that would have been the case. The adrenaline would have been pumping as I relived the memories of what occurred there. The photos flashed throughout my mind like a moving picture book.

Sex on the balcony ✔️

“That was a fantasy of mine.”

Was it? We didn’t talk about this up front. But it felt organic and natural, which is why I went along with it.

The desk ✔️

“Not quite the right height. But A for effort.”

The sofa ✔️

“Kate, that was amazing. Don’t stop grinding my cock like that.”

The corner ocean view suite- king size bed- with seagulls squawking in the distance. While I repeatedly orgasmed as he pounded my g-spot with the Njoy his wife refused to take out of the box ✔️✔️✔️

This time it was like looking through a keyhole to a past time in my life.

Like Alice in Wonderland.


(*CEO would kill me if he knew I took a photo of this card)


21 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. It sounds like a lovely memory. Nothing wrong with having them either. This is your story, and that whole time took up several chapters, I’m sure. Can’t be erased. Nor should it be. But, question: wondering about what?

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      1. Health wise? Doing better since going vegan. Still have a few symptoms but nothing like last summer. Vast difference to a year ago. Been traveling for the last month: island hopping. Been very busy with the kids. I have a beautiful tan and I’m very relaxed. Still running 25 miles per week!!! Back in LA…ran into CEO’s wife again (a few times). I need to post about it because it is significant. A game changer.

        What about you? How is your summer going?

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      2. All’s well here. So glad to hear from you, and that your feeling better health-wise. 25 miles per week? Good lord. Great that you’re back in your groove. Summer has been great so far. Still more fun to come.

        Now, about this game-changing event? What’s up? 😳


  2. Glad you are doing better, it is incredible how a change in your diet can do wonders health wise. I recently went gluten and dairy free (after years of chronic stomach pain), and since changing my diet I feel much better. No daily pain!

    It is ok to reminisce and wonder now and then, nothing wrong with that.
    Keep us updated, and you got me curious too, about “the game-changing event.”

    Keep well!

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    1. Yeah I cut out gluten, soy, corn (and all derivatives), dairy, meat, fish, oils (except olive) and all processed foods. I’m consuming a diet high in Omega 3’s which has radically changed my energy and eliminated most of my symptoms. You would never guess I went through what I did looking at me now.

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      1. I’m okay. Situation same to worse. Went on a long vacation to the beach and went skinny dipping. That was fun.


  3. It’s hard to keep love from creeping in. Even when it’s an arrangement. We think we are the ones who can do it, but who are we kidding? Sex and sentimental moments blended together. Sounds like it was a great time. I’m proud of how you are able to look at it now. Perhaps someday I can be there too.

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  4. Thanks for sharing….beautiful memories. I only discovered your blog as you slowed down but glad to hear (in your replies) that you are doing well. I too look forward to your game-changing update… seems that the universe has much in store for many people of late!


  5. So happy to hear that you are getting back to normal. 25 miles/week is very good. Just don’t go too overboard. Getting your total health back is too important a goal. You’ve been through a lot. Make sure your body has time to totally accept the change.


  6. I’m glad you were able to return to the resort and feel the memories flashing through your thoughts. To be able to experience this type of love is a gift. The end is always tough and sometimes it is so painful it tarnishes the whole journey. This post suggests this isn’t the case for you and that is wonderful. I hang on to cards and photos (like you did with his card) and am amazed at how they trigger such feelings and bring memories back like it was…yesterday.

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