Tonight, I texted my husband, “Want anything else from Whole Foods?”  And he replied asking for a specific craft beer that I had never heard of before.  I finally found it on the shelf and as I placed it into my basket, two little girls came running past me.  I lost my breathe, not from their beauty, but because they are CEO’s kids.  And they look just like him (especially in the eyes).

Yep, I had another run-in friends.

I froze, then stealth glanced the perimeter and saw his wife, now standing in front of the seafood counter with two little girls tugging at her shirt.

Great.  Just great.

This has got to be the 10th time I have run into her.  It’s like fate keeps bringing us together.  I don’t even run into my own friends this much.  Statistically, what are the odds?  Like nil?

I quickly grabbed my phone and took a pic, because this has become a running joke between my best friend and I.  I sent her the photo (it was only the back of her body) and yet her reply was priceless, “OMG!  I know who that is!  Fuck how on earth do you keep running into her?  You don’t even live in that small of a town.”

Before I could reply, it suddenly dawned on me, “Niall could be behind them, perusing the produce section and shopping as a family.  Oh geez…please say he is not here.  I’m in my workout clothes and sweaty from a 6 mile run…then again, my ass has never looked better.”

I took a deep breathe, turned the corner and there was no Niall to be found.  Just all the friendly workers who know me by name, waving to me saying, “Heyyyyy Kate.  What’s up?”

I couldn’t help but think…she’s in my territory.  There is a huge Whole Foods less than 1 mile from her house and yet, she came to this little neighborhood location.

As I checked out, I half expected for her to end up in my lane.  Thankfully, that didn’t happen.  I pondered back to the time I ran into her over the holidays, both of our kids staring into the same decorated windows during the annual Christmas stroll.  And sadly, for the second year running- Niall is never by her side.  It’s always just her…and the girls…alone.

He’s a brilliant entrepreneur, but an absentee father and husband.  Had we left our spouses and ended up together, I would be just like her.



15 thoughts on “Fate

  1. It’s almost as if your relative inaccessibility was appealing to him, because he knew he would never have to be there for you all the time. Sort of haunting, in that you now feel sorry for his wife perhaps more than you felt thrilled when you were with him.

    I don’t mean that to sound judgmental, because it’s not. I’m only observing.

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    1. Hmmmm. I enjoy your observations and had to pause and really consider them. I didn’t take that as judgemental at all.

      Looking back, I can honestly say, I was very accessible to him during our affair. If anything, it was his schedule which presented obstacles for us. As far as not having to be there for me? Well I think that’s a natural conclusion to any affair- you aren’t married to one another. They certainly aren’t coming home to you every night, nor do you share a mortgage together. So the fundamentals are quite different compared to a married couple.

      Yes, it is haunting to see how alone she is. But make no mistake, my time with Niall was something I cherished immensely. The two never really crossed quadrants in my brain (sorry just being honest here as I look back upon that time). I was definitely more thrilled to be in Niall’s arms- and that is the truth.

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      1. Still, his schedule determined your interactions, just like his schedule determines all his interactions. I don’t want to taint your memories, but at the end of the day, he created artificial scarcity for himself. It made him more appealing. In a relationship with him, you’d find yourself alone, wondering who he was with.

        I’m sorry. I shouldnt say anything.


      2. If CEO was just an average guy, with an average job- then yes, I could see that being a possibility. I’m not naive here to relationship games of the non-evolved male species. But that wasn’t him whatsoever.

        His words (and schedule) matched up to where he said he was going to be throughout our time together. When GettyImages, Forbes and TechCrunch covered his presence at events worldwide, I was pretty certain of his whereabouts.

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      3. I believe you. But those mags may not cover who else he was with. Just as his wife didn’t know.

        I know nothing, though. I’ll shut up now. I feel like maybe I’m being an ass right now. You know what you’re doing. And it’s awkward seeing his family.


      4. I am sort of dealing with things from your perspective and from CEOs perspective in my life. It may be coloring my perceptions.

        But thank you for not being offended, lol. I didn’t mean to do that.

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      5. If you study it closely, meaning read one or two of them, you’ll notice they generally fall into two categories, hopeless romantic love, and depths of despair. So yes, it has meaning. 😉 But I suspect you knew that.

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    1. Yeah I guess. I wouldn’t say relief is the word though. Because I truly fell in love with him, I would have been sacrificing my own personal relationship needs in order to be in a long term relationship with him. I would have likely done it, but probably end up feeling micromanaged like every other facet of his life.


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