That’s it.  I’m officially dumping my doctor.  This is the 3rd time she has given me an incorrect diagnosis.  What is it with general medicine physicians?  It must be where all the reject doctors land.  Anyone with a proper skill set would naturally be specialized.  Only in medicine can you do your “job”, be completely inept and still get paid.  Try that in any other field and you wouldn’t get far.

Sigh…I digress.

So today, my symptoms are worse.  I’ve spent the entire day battling vertigo and laying in bed, much to my kids disappointment.  I finally called an ENT I saw a few years ago and basically got myself a same day appointment.

I explained my entire story- where I had been- when I flew home- the migraines and now my ear issue.  The doctor said, “I think I know what this is.  But first let me check your good ear.”

She compared the two and said I had a severely inflamed Eustachian tube which caused it to dysfunction.  I haven’t had any allergies or fever, so she thinks I either got a virus from all the mosquito bites or perhaps I picked up something in the water while snorkeling.  Now add in my recent air travel and the changes in cabin pressure and viola!  I now have a retracted ear drum.

Basically your Eustachian tube controls the pressure.  But it was so inflamed, it literally “sucked” my ear drum inward.  Hence my off-the-charts vertigo.

I’ve been prescribed steroids which I can’t take till tomorrow morning.  They make you jittery and impact sleep if taken too late in the day.  So one more torturous night, then I can start the meds.

I’m not going cray cray (at least not yet).  But my head is spinning and my brain keeps getting mixed signals regarding spatially where I am.  I can handle many things, but vertigo isn’t one of them.

I asked how long till I feel relief.  And the doctor said, “Oh you will know.  You’ll hear a huge pop and you’ll have an ‘A-Ha moment’.  Only then can the fluid drain.  Amazing just important our inner ears are, huh?”

I told her the meds my GP prescribed and she shook her head going, “Tsk, Tsk–yeah that medicine is harsh.  It knocks you out and totally messes with you.”  I wanted to say, “No shit!  I was comatose after taking 1 pill.  Never again will I touch that stuff.”

So that’s the latest.  Let’s hope this puts me back on the road to good health.  I miss running everyday.  I miss feeling normal.  I miss being fully present for my kids.  And I miss sex and having our weekly date nights!


4 thoughts on “Vertigo

    1. Thank you Hope. I took my first dose this morning and actually started to feel way less vertigo. So I’m pretty certain its reducing the inflammation (no big pop yet).

      But this evening, I had a massive headache. They prescribed me prednisone which has many nasty side effects. I wish I didn’t have to take this but I can’t endure another day of the other symptoms.

      We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


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