The universe has a funny way of working in my life, especially the last 48 hours.  I’ve been thinking quite a bit about CEO, for various reasons which I won’t get into here.  Suffice to say, I really tried to put those thoughts aside and focus on my family today.

But the universe…had other plans.

As I walked out of a bathroom this evening, I came face to face (and shoulder to shoulder) with CEO’s wife.  Yep, this is now the second time I have seen her actually.

I froze, while Vivian kept pace to exit the restrooms accordingly.  She noticed I hadn’t moved a step and said, “Mom, come on.  Let’s go.”  I just stood there, while I watched his wife wash her hands, oblivious to who was standing behind her.  A minute passed and I finally walked outside, joining the mayhem of New Orleans Square.

Only it’s not the one you’re thinking.

I quickly walked over to my husband and told him what happened.  And within a minute, she walked out of the bathrooms and right behind my husband.  I stared, frozen again, as she gingerly made her way through the outdoor dining area.

I turned to my husband again and said, “I need to know if he is here.  I will be right back.”  As I walked the perimeter of the restaurant, I felt Zane’s tiny hand clasp into mine.  And then I saw her back, sitting at a table with what appeared to be CEO.

I immediately walked away and back to my husband, only to nod ‘yes’ at his inquisitive eyes.  Three minutes later, she walked through the restaurant again only this time, CEO was trailing behind her.

He had his eyes firmly planted on the ground.  He didn’t see me, despite walking right behind my husband.  We were less than five feet from each other, but surrounded by the public at large.  To be honest, he looked miserable.  Not the CEO I knew.

The entire situation felt like an out of body experience.  My husband has asked many times, “What would you do if you ever saw him?”  And each time I’ve said, “I don’t know.  Depends which day you ask me that question.”  But in that moment, I did nothing…

Very surreal and not what you expect to happen at the Happiest Place on Earth.








17 thoughts on “Tonight

    1. It didn’t stir feelings, but it did stir my mind. As an extremely visual person, I have certain images in my head regarding CEO. He was always smiling–beaming–when we saw each other. By his own admission he told me, “When I think of you, I always remember just how much we laughed together.” So my mental pictures if you will, are based on happy moments. This has always been one of my biggest hurdles to overcome–the fondness with which I viewed our relationship by.

      Yesterday’s run-in showed CEO in a more mundane light. Dressed casually, he looked unassuming. Not powerful whatsoever. Simple if you will, which contrasts significantly to the memories of him.

      As for me? I’m doing pretty good actually. We’ve had an incredible summer filled with great bucket-list kind of trips and memories, a far cry to how things were just last year. So I acknowledge the progress we’ve made in our marriage. But make no mistake, we are both “on the clock” working towards a better marriage.

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      1. That’s so awesome to hear, I’m happy for y’all. I’m glad that you could see CEO in a more “simple” light rather the glorified version. From your post, I gather you were at Disneyland? What’re they doing there? They have kids too? For some reason I got the impression he was older.

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  1. I think I left enough crumbs to figure out where we were :-). Last time I checked, anyone could go–not just families. I have no idea why he was there. He wanted to go?!? His wife wanted to go?!? As for him being older–well that depends on your perspective and where you sit on the timeline of life, eh? If I had to guess, he’s younger than you :-). But to definitely answer your question, he is pretty young. A millennial in fact.

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    1. Yes, if he’s a millennial then he likely is younger than me. No worries. When I was a young man I preferred older women. Not that you’re older but…I’m just digging a hole now. Anyway…


  2. It’s a small world! (pun intended) I can’t say I’m entirely surprised by your chance occurrence; the older I get the more I realize it really is a small world. That aside, what I find interesting in this is his behavior – quite contradictory to that of “CEO”. And given the situation, doing nothing was the right thing, IMO. But it’s now a week later – how do you feel? What have your thoughts been?


    1. Honestly, I’ve spent way too much time thinking about him this week when I should be firmly focused on my family. But this is the true nature of affairs and how the effects can linger for a long time. This week has been a rollercoaster for my emotions and that mirrors how I felt while CEO and I were together. I don’t miss feeling so conflicted and torn into two competing directions. The chaos of our affair stole my greatest assest: my mind. And I realized that very early on and communicated that very sentiment when I broke things off the first time. I enjoy staying focused being a go-getter in my daily life–and affairs rob you of that.

      So seeing him brought a lot of old feelings to the surface–and not necessarily the ones you would assume.

      This week has been a game changer for me. Another giant step forward to healing…which I may post about soon.


  3. The mental distraction, the old feelings – to be expected, and normal. Hence my inquiry. But it’ll wane, as it did before…quicker this time around, I’ll bet.

    Sounds like you’ve got your vessel on a good course. The challenge now is to maintain heading. To that, I’ll offer (and as you’ve discovered) that frequent fraternization with the co-captain and crew can go a long way in supplanting one’s dependency on a compass. 😉

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    1. Profound words there Mr. Ordinary, are you speaking from first hand experience? No one has ever presented advice in such a way. But you are correct. The more time I spend really connecting with “my crew”, the stronger my compass is…thanks for the sound advice. I’m going to let that sink into the soul.


  4. Yes, ma’am.
    In keeping with the nautical vein, I think you should enjoy a boat drink; you’ve earned it. 🙂 Cheers!


  5. That is unreal. He walks right past you out on vacation. You are right the way an affair takes over your mind is the worst part. Having something like that occur would make my mind race too.


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