Real Time Thoughts- Part 2

There’s a lot of healing that will come after 1 year of NC.  Taking a vacation instead of thinking of your AP is a huge help.  Before embarking on this trip, I really held onto the mindset that I wanted this trip filled with reconnection to not only my spouse but my children to.  It’s been 12 blissful days filled with every conceivable adventure and paradise one could ever dream of….And you know what?  In the end, my husband has trumped any momentary happiness CEO brought into my life.  It’s a stark reminder that our spouses are capable of being what we once knew them to be: leaders, adventurers and exhilarating lovers.  Yet life and responsibilities of work and home skews your perceptions after nearly two decades of marriage.image

I feel very fortunate to be where I am.  To experience the joy and love of my family at their best.  I wish all betrayed and wandering spouses could find their way back to such nirvana.

Life…is pretty epic friends.

Get out there and live the life you dream of, instead of looking back at what you think you had or lost.

I promise…it’s worth it.


15 thoughts on “Real Time Thoughts- Part 2

    1. Adventures is what I am all about…and this trip has been a huge reminder of that. It’s been a beautiful time sharing my love for adventure and travel with my kids. They finally “get” a big part of their mother that’s been hidden for many years….it’s quite simply, amazing!

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  1. Oh, the nirvana of relaxing on a sandy stretch of Saint Somewhere. I can almost smell the salt air and hear the breeze rustling the palms. Much envy from this corner! It looks/sounds like your clan is having an amazing vacation, and you seem very content, relaxed – well done!
    Your last line was spot-on – i.e. don’t dwell on the past. It’s often easier said than done, but sage advice nonetheless.
    See you on the flip side.

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    1. Yeah it’s been an amazing vacation. Honestly haven’t relaxed as much as one would think. We’ve done tons of exploring, snorkeling, horseback riding, surfing…and plenty of trekking to find some beautiful off the beaten track beaches. I would live here in a heartbeat! And at the very least, retire here for sure.

      This place is my kind of living.


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